Chakras Aligned
$25.00 • Renews every 1 month

Access to All Wellness Wednesday Classes and all other Yoga and Meditation Classes Each Month

Valid for: Midday Movement , The Calm Mind - Meditation Coaching , Wellness Wednesday Flow

Wellness Wednesday Flow
$20.00 • Renews every 1 month

Mid Week Flow every Wednesday

Valid for: Wellness Wednesday Flow


Introspection 101
$15.00 • 1 credits

Introspection for beginners course

Complete with weekly chats and guided meditations along with a PDF workbook for each chat!

Sections Include:

~ Lesson 1: What is Introspection

~ Lesson 2: Benefits of Introspection

~ Lesson 3: A Deeper Understanding of the Inner Self

~ Lesson 4: The Process of Observing

~ Lesson 5: The Process of Analyzing

Valid for: IntoMeSee (Intimacy) Introspection 101

Midday Movement 2021
$15.00 • 1 credits

Monthly Pass for All Midday Movement Events

Midday Movement is a March Challenge to get up and get MOVING during your lunch hour! Some classes will be at 12 pm (Yoga and Pranayama Practices) and some will be at 1pm (Zumba and Dance classes)

Valid for: Monday Midday Flow , Midday Movement

The Calm Mind Ebook and Video Course
$20.00 • 1 credits

This ebook will guide you through everything you need to know, putting the tools in your hands to use as you need. The different types of mediation and how they differ from kundalini meditation, to transcendental, to nada, to mindfulness. Each does something different and unique, and you’ll discover some fascinating examples.

This ebook provides a step by step guide to how to calm your mind and live stress free!

Included with the ebook and bonuses is a 10 video course as well as the 5 part Introspection Course!

Valid for: IntoMeSee (Intimacy) Introspection 101

Deep Dive into Chakras
$75.00 • 1 credits • expires in 2 months

Deep Dive into Chakras 7 week course with all bonuses including a one on one meditation session ❤️🕉

Access 2 months also includes Wellness Wednesday flow package

Valid for: Money Chakra Secrets! , One on One Mini Session, Slow Flow for Beginners (Round 3)